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The recently completed a food handling safety course with Cikgu Nadzirah was a positive experience. Not only did Cikgu share her knowledge about food safety but also spoke really good English, communicated well and created a pleasant and supportive learning environment. I highly recommend Cikgu Nadzirah to anyone looking to complete food safety training in English. Thank you for making this course easy to understand and enjoyable!

Jason Tan Avatar Jason Tan

It is a interesting course and will never feel bored as the course is easy to understand with great explanation. Thank you Cikgu Nadzirah !

cherssy tiong Avatar cherssy tiong

Great learning experience, indulging and informative. 👍🏼

Mir Abdul Majeed Khan Avatar Mir Abdul Majeed Khan

Interactive and fun session by Cikgu Nadzirah. Highly recommended to those who plan to take the course online.

Kelly Kho Avatar Kelly Kho

I have to say that i very enjoy join this training !

Akif Nukman Avatar Akif Nukman

The trainer explained the course very well. We might know most of the common sense things, however, there is still some info that we lack of. Thanks for the 3 hour training, I had learned a lot of info.

CP Avatar CP

Teacher is very awesome and sporting. even the class is at night but very fun with the teacher. Very attractive way of presentation. 2 way communication applied in class. overall, the class is very interesting and thank you teacher for the knowledge.

nadia mispan Avatar nadia mispan

Cikgu Nadzirah is very engaging and entertaining. As result the class is very interesting and you will not feel bored at all. I have sent all my staff here over the past 2 years. Communication with the edufood team is also very easy.

The Fifth Cook Sdn Bhd Avatar The Fifth Cook Sdn Bhd

Food handler training by Cikgu Nadzirah is very attentive and informative. The trainer is professional and deliver the training in a unique and interesting way. Tak terasa 3 jam masa berlalu. Mmg recommended 👍👍👍

Syakirah Azlan Avatar Syakirah Azlan

My online course on food handling with Cikgu Nadzirah was excellent. It was well planned, interactive, informative and very engaging. I learned a lot from her. I would highly recommend that you do the online training with her if you interested on food handling. Bravo! Cikgu Nadzirah

Dr. Thesigan Nadarajan Avatar Dr. Thesigan Nadarajan

I really enjoyed the food handlers course... Really very effective and Cikgu Nadzirah's explanation very clear with all the videos....Great Lecturer

Ambi Suren Avatar Ambi Suren

The way cikgu teach is very interesting and fun to learn. Great experience with her ❤️

Xiang Yi Avatar Xiang Yi