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Why is it Mandatory by the Ministry of Health Malaysia?

Ministry of Health Malaysia ( KKM ), Municipality Licencing, Majlis Perbandaran and Dewan Bandaraya in Malaysia require all food handler to have food handling certificate recognized by MOH & anti-typhoid vaccination. The food industry asked: WHY?


Just in October 2019, 197 participants of Malay Dignity Congress suffer food poisoning with suspected food poisoning after consuming food provided by the organiser at the event. All of the victims were university students who ate the nasi lemak when they arrived for the programme that morning.

Participants suffering from diarrhoea and vomitting after eating food provided by the event organiser. (Facebook pic)

The World Health Organization (WHO) also considers food poisoning as one of the universal problems that can be avoided if we are vigilant and more concerned about cleanliness. Recognizing this importance, WHO classifies problems arising from food insecurity as a disease because it not only occurs in developing countries but also involves developed countries. However, cases like these occur most frequently in countries with relatively hot weather.

As the above case repeats itself for the past few decades, if not more, poor food hygiene levels and increasing food poisoning incidents, have prompted MOH Malaysia to increase training for food handlers.

Thus, Food Hygiene Regulations 2009 makes it mandatory for all food operators to undergo the Food Handling Training, or FHT course at the Food Handler Training School ( SLPM ) accredited by the MOH Malaysia, which is fully responsible for accreditation and monitoring activities for SLPM and trainers.

Popular in Bahasa Malaysia as Kursus Latihan Pengendali Makanan, or LPM, this three-hour course gives a small but important peek into proper and safe food handling.

The objective of the Food Handler Training program is to provide exposure and awareness to all food handlers on the aspects of food hygiene and safety, food handlers and food premises and also to reduce the incidence of food poisoning nationwide.

This is also supported by Malaysia hosting the 1998 Commonwealth Games in September 1998, where the image of the nation in the world must be maintained.

This training session is conducted by SLPMs recognized by MOH throughout the country. All trainer must attend and pass the Trainer Compulsory Course assessment before being eligible for MOH certification as a trainer.

EduFood Training & Consultancy is a training firm with Sekolah Latihan Pengendali Makanan (SLPM) recognised by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. With a qualified core team and a wide network of subject matter experts, EduFood supports clients by empowering their team with Food Handler Training & Certificates, Onsite Typhoid Vaccinations, and Training-Consultation in Halal & Food Safety Assurance Programmes to maximize business achievements.

To know more on how to attend Food Handler Training course and receive on-the-spot Food Handler Certificates recognized by MOH, click here.

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